SandBall / Stump

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Sandballs (barrel bag/stump), are mainly used for cleans, pressing, single shoulder carries and are versatile enough to be used for squatting and carries.

The Sandballs are double skinned (separate inner) with a larger circumference than the Sandbags; the 130cm  circumference (40kg +) can make it a little more ‘grippy’. (The circumference for 20/25kg is 94cm and for the 30kg sandballs - 112cm)

All bags are embroidered with our logo and the weight. You are welcome to spice things up by choosing your own colour combinations. 

Personalization is optional however . You can add a name, a motivational quote and/or a logo. For personalization please select the personalization option.

(Prices do not include personalization, sand, postage or packaging.)


*Please note that the 20kg top design is different due to the size of the top .