Our Story


It all started on a dining table… 

My aim from the outset was merely to produce durable, high quality kit for myself and my friends. The reward of people wanting to buy tfench kit is astounding and gave birth to what we now do – providing individuals, gyms and competitions with our kit!

It literally all started on a dining table. After having completed Julien Pineau’s StrongFit seminar and coaches week, run at London’s at 3 Aces CrossFit in early 2017, I was too impatient to wait for an order of the StrongFit sandbags. I went home, pulled a sewing machine out of storage (which for some strange reason had been travelling around with me for 20 odd years), got my hands on some tent canvas and made a few sandbags – my previous life of clothing design and construction was about to serve as very useful!

Over time and with numerous requests the product offering has extended to sandballs (strongman sandbags) and worms. Ru, my wife, and I still take all orders directly as we try to offer as much in the way of personalised service as possible. This allows us to offer you a variety of colours, personalised logos and work with you to create bespoke items no matter how far out they may seem. All our production takes place in our small workshop, with both of us integrally involved in the process from start to finish… and the dining table is still used!