The Log / one man worm

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Train separately together - come together and train as one with the tfench log sandbag. 

( ***3 to 4 week lead time or email us for an exact estimate) 


Double horizontal handles, great for deadlifts, cleans, presses etcDouble vertical handles , - great for deadlifts, cleans, presses etc
Central single handle - great for sumo deadlifts - farmer carries and the tfench lumber jack clean ....

The beauty of the log segments - ordering 4 means you can connect all 4 to make a 4 man worm or 2 x 2 man worms or even a 3 man worm !!

Customers who have used the “log worm “ claim that there is nowhere to hide - each member of the team needs to be equally proficient !

So train alone and come together
Work on individual worm tekkers making for 1 hell of a team when it comes to using a traditional worm ...
Or use the log as a solid sandbag cylinder with its 5 different handles !!
Easy to store