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  • *NEW to tfench, the most versatile kit for PT's and Home Gyms -The Honey Pot.
  • A tfench original


After numerous requests to make a 'kettlebag' we went to the drawing board to design something that could be used in a similar fashion to a kettlebell but also wanted see what additional features we could add. This brought us to the honeypot, with 3 soft handles; one top handle and 2 side handles - easy on the hands and allowing for a variety of movements... swings, cleans, presses, rotations, woodchops – single arm, double arm, hook it on your foot.

Can also be used for light sandbag carries. Because it is an sandbag it ticks the box of an odd object.

  • 8, 12, 16, 20kg bag available
  • Tough double skinned exterior
  • Can be colour coded
  • Great for class and home use
  • Easily compacted and portable

The base colour of the honeypot is black but you are welcome to choose the second colour along with the embroidery of the weight and our logo.. 

**Personalization option is not available on this product. 

*Please note that the honey pot does not come filled. We recommend using kiln dried sand which can be found and most hardware stores and building suppliers