The Worm

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Each worm is made up of a separate body, weighted segments per 'person' and spacers which are positioned between each weight segment. You can choose the fabric colour, embroidery colour of our logo and your logo should you wish to choose the personalisation option. 

Our 2, 3 and 4 person worms use similar inner segments allowing you to use the outer skins interchangeably. Inner segments are prepared for you so all you need to do is add sand to the ordered weight when you receive them – these are typically prepared for you to add weight of 20/31.75/40/45/50kg.

Choose the weight of each segment for your worm. 

If you are ordering a worm skin - do not select weights per segment.

*Additional segments sold separately at £50 each. See option for worm parts. 

*Prices do not include sand, postage or packaging.

*For personalization please go to the personalization option


Length: 2 person- 150cm, 3 man - 225cm, 4 man - 300cm

Circumference: 100cm

Segment length: 62cm

Spacer length: 26cm

Number of segments: 2 person- 2; 3 person - 3; 4 person- 4 

Number of spacers: 2person- 1, 3 person- 2, 4 person- 3