Tactical bag

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A versatile piece of functional training kit with multiple handles facilitating numerous movements. 

  • There are double handles which allow for the wrists to be in a neutral position;  so double handles where wrists face in towards each other (allowing for focus on chest/front of shoulder head/bicep) and double handles where grip would be similar to a barbell allowing for focus on back and lats.
  • There is also a single handle on the side for swings and suitcases.
  • The handles on each end designed for holding across back for running, lunges etc. 

Due to the independent inner bags. the load shifts, allowing you to to up the ante when you run, lunge, toss, clean, press and do floor work. 

Tactical bags are made to order – price is size and design dependent.  All prices include  inner socks made to take the specific weight. Bags up to 35kg only require one tactical filler bag,. Bags 40 to 50kg require 1 XL filler bag and 60kg bags require 1 or 2 large filler bags.

Should you wish to purchase additional tactical filler bags so that you can change weights during training or share the bag with a mate - please see the accessories kit page. Additional filler bags will be £15 each. 

You can add a name, a motivational quote and/or a logo. For personalization please got to the personalization product option/ send us a note when you checkout or email us directly for Logo prices. 

Prices do not include personalization, sand, or shipping.