Sandbag Workouts

At tfench we try to incorporate sandbags into our workouts as much as possible, Here are some of our recent favorite Sandbag workouts to get you guys started.

All you need is a Sandbag, a little bit of time and space to get your sweat on. 

*Warning the first 3 workouts may contain Burpees. 

Good luck and let us know how you did. 


***If you would like to have your workout featured on our blog - just tag us on instagram and we will either repost it or if it is one of those ones that passes the sandman test we will post it on our blog! 



Workout 1

 I tried this workout with a 40kg Sandbag but use whatever you have. 

From @opengymcrew



 Workout 2

A nice spicy WOD from @Bagwod

For Time


Workout 3

20 min AMRAP

Go Heavy on the Sandbag, regret might set in around the 4 minute mark ... 

5 SandBag Squats

5 Burpee over SandBags


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