Caring for your KIT

 Caring for your KIT

These bags are made from 1000 denier Nylon and built tough, but that does not mean they don’t need a bit of love – hugging them on long walks helps but is not always enough

  • Use on smooth/rubber surfaces will increase the longevity of the bag
  • Watches and zips being worn whilst using can lead to rips
  • Lifting and gripping the bag by the knot will result in the fastening coming loose.
  •  Smooth dry filler sand is advised, your filler will ultimately determine your weight

All kit -  worm skins, empty sandbags, sandballs and tactical bags can be put in the washing machine on a gentle wash and hung out to dry. (DO NOT tumble dry) 

All kit - worm skins, worm parts, sandbags, sandballs and tactical bags can be washed with a wet sponge with washing soap, rinsed with a wet sponge and left to dry. OUR ADVICE is that these bags should not be stacked when wet or damp .. just like clothing allow to dry fully before packing and stacking away to avoid fabric giving off a damp odour. 

All kit can be sprayed and wiped down with anti-bac spray.


SO a few do's, can's and don'ts

   DO Spray with Anti Bac

 DO wipe down with anti-bacterial cleaning wipes

 Empty bags can be machine washed on a gentle wash 

 Must be hung out to dry or laid out separately and not stacked


 DON'T stack when damp or wet 

DO  NOT tumble dry