How to fill and close your kit: Sandballs, Sandbags and/or Worms


Each sandball has an separate inner bag. Fill the inner bag to max capacity, roll back the funnel, lightly drop the bag a few times and top up. You may get a little ‘dust’ that comes out of the inner into the main-bag. This is normal!



Fill the bag to your required weight, thread the top of the bag through the ring, push down fanning the bag open so that you can see the sand through the ring, pop a golf ball on top and then then cover the golf ball with fabric ensuring that the ring and golf ball are situated firmly on top of the sand. Next attach the long cable tie in one direction and the second shorter one in the opposite direction. Do not cut the cable ties, simply cover thickly with some gaffer tape and then you are good to go.


Filling worm segments

See instructions on how to fill the segments (62cm long)

We will provide you with rings, golf balls, and cable ties, wadding and foam circles, all you need is sand. We colour code all the weighted segments:

Red top: 31.75kg

Blue top: 40kg

Black top: 45kg 

Brown top: 50kg


Building your worm

 For the 4 man worm, you will need 4 weight segments, 3 spacers and 1 4 man worm skin

To build, place one segment into each end of the worm skin and make it fit snuggly. Then place the other 2 segments into the worm skin.  Next place a spacer between segment 1 and 2 and  one  between segment 3 and 4.  Lastly – you will need 3 people for this  - 2 people need to hold up the middle 2 segments like a pyramid whilst the 3rd person pushes in the  third spacer.  It will look like it is too tight BUT IT WILL FIT. See video.












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